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Injury Chiropractors in Arlington, TX

When you rely on your body for work-related tasks, an injury can cost you more than just your comfort. At North Texas Clinics, our injury chiropractors in Arlington, TX, work closely with everyday individuals and famous athletes dealing with acute or chronic pain. Whether you tripped at work or you suffered a setback in the weight room, we are here to help you. Our sports injury chiropractor offers a wide range of service options to free you from pain. Schedule a consultation with our sports and work injury chiropractor today to trust our team with your care. Professional personal injury doctor's that you can count on.

Our Sports Injury Chiropractor Helps You Recover

After an injury, most athletes have just one goal - to return to the field, track, or court as soon as possible. No matter what your chosen sport is, being sidelined can cause stress and other problems. If you find yourself unable to play your favorite sport due to acute or chronic pain, turn to our injury chiropractors & personal injury doctor's for relief.

Whether you excel on the field or court, playing sports comes with a risk of injury. From falls and collisions to overuse issues, many athletes report pain due to a number of different incidents. At our clinics, our sports injury chiropractor is here to help you return to your favorite sport as soon as possible. We have worked with many professional athletes, and our professional sports injury chiropractor is dedicated to eliminating your pain. Call our personal injury doctors today for relief.

Chiropractor Treating Patient's Shoulder in Arlington, TX

Work Injury Chiropractor: Return to the Job

Each day, millions of people suffer an injury on the job. Whether you work in an office, factory, or restaurant, there is always a risk for an accident. If you suffer a fall or start to deal with the effects of carpal tunnel, our injury chiropractors are available to help you. Our experienced professionals help you reduce your risk of chronic pain and further injury so that you can focus on getting back to work.

We rely on our jobs to provide us with a steady paycheck. Unfortunately, many employees are at risk of developing pain due to an accident or overuse injury. When your pain and discomfort has made it difficult for you to earn a living, our chiropractor helps you restore your livelihood. Our personal injury chiropractor works closely with patients of all ages dealing with a range of conditions.

Our Arlington chiropractor has over 20 years of experience treating workers compensation injuries. Our treatment approach begins with diagnostic care to determine the precise cause of your injury. Our goal with every patient is to correct the underlying issue and relieve pain. A workers compensation injury is the result of injuries experienced while on the job. Frequently work injuries are due to a fall, or repeated stress on a part of the body. Our Chiropractors are experienced in workers compensation cases.

Contact our injury chiropractors to speak with our team about your pain relief. Our sports injury chiropractor works with athletes throughout Fort Worth, Pantego, Dal Worthington Gardens, Mansfield, Grand Prarie, and Arlington Texas.